Answer To Madame Christine Grou, New President of the OPQ

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Christine Grou, new President of the Quebec Order of Psychologists, in response to a comment on her Facebook page, claims to have "intervened" on the subject of inequitable access to psychotherapy by insurance companies. 

Here is my answer to her:

Dear Madame Grou,  

You are not being asked, as you wrote in your comment, to defend "the interest of psychotherapists" but to defend the interest of the public whose protection is, may I remind you, the mission of your professional order.

Your letter is addressed to the Ombudservice for Life and Health Insurance (OLHI),
"an independent dispute resolution service to handle consumer complaints"; but what is your complaint?

You do not dispute the inaccessibility of psychotherapy through insurance programs that cover psychological services, nor clearly tell the OLHI that, in terms of psychological treatment, psychotherapists are on equal footing with psychologists, which would allow
the public to be reimbursed for their services at no additional cost to anyone.

Madame Grou, you need merely state simply and publicly that:

The OPQ denounces the lack of coverage of psychotherapy by insurers and demands that, in the public interest, insurers reimburse the services of psychotherapists who have been issued a permit by the Quebec Order of Psychologists such as to allow the
public access to
all professionals qualified to provide the psychological treatment they are looking for.

Can you say this;
if not, why not?


Patricia Ivan

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